The End of The Cult of Equity

Bill Ackman Blocked From Foreclosing on Stuy Town(New York Post) We’re not exactly sure how it’s even possible Ackman could take over Stuyvesant Town just by foreclosing on a $300 million slice of debt he bought for $40 million. But he’s awesome just for trying.


The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever (Clusterstock) Just got scarier.

The Corporate Bond Market Is About to Get Hit With $90 Billion of New Issuances(MarketBeat) But you're still not supposed to think there’s a bubble in bonds.

The End of The Cult of Equity (ZeroHedge) Citi's Robert Buckland says that the equity cult, which has reigned since the 1950s, is dead.

Jamie Dimon Takes A 50% Haircut on The Value of His Chicago Mansion (Chicago Breaking Business) The asking price dropped from $13.5 to a mere $6.50 million. Ouch!

Citadel's Ken Griffin: Derivatives Trading "Status Quo" Is Unacceptable (Reuters) Calls for OTC trades to be moved to clearinghouses.