Bartiromo Writes New Book, The Weekend That Changed Wall Street

An exciting day for us here at CNBC as we celebrate the publication of "THE WEEKEND THAT CHANGED WALL STREET", Maria Bartiromo’s newest book that goes on sale today.


Our CNBC audience knows Maria well and knows that she’s long covered some of the most exciting news from her front row seat, which allows her unequalled access to the leaders of the world and those on Wall Street.

Her book is a thrilling behind-the-scenes play-by-play of the crash and an explanation of how the entire global financial system unraveled.

“Many people have written about the financial collapse, but I believe the position I’ve been fortunate to have allows me to speak as a true eyewitness, and to translate the complexities of the crisis for the average reader,” Maria writes.

And unlike so many other books, Maria has a specific reader in mind for this book, “I decided to write The Weekend That Changed Wall Streetin the hope that I could bring an insider’s perspective to what happened to those who were directly affected. In particular, those who work outside the financial industry are still demanding explanations. They’re confused by the complexity of the financial system, and they want to understand what really happened.”

Among the many questions Maria asks and answers include:

  • "How could the best and brightest in the financial services industry, with their huge compensation packages and ballyhooed brilliance, not see the meltdown coming?
  • How did so many of these Masters of the Universe become minions of disaster overnight?
  • Is any company really too big to fail— and if so, should it be?
  • Should the government spend taxpayer dollars to bail out companies whose plights are— at least in part— the result of their own mismanagement?
  • Should plain vanilla banking be separated from the riskier securities business?
  • Are regulators, who dropped the ball and missed the crisis in the first place, now overreaching in their efforts to “fix” the system?
  • What have we learned, if anything, from the crisis? Has “business as usual” returned until the next blowup? Or has Wall Street changed?"

You can read an excerpt of "The Weekend That Changed Wall Street" here on

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