Jamie Dimon Explains Why He Looks Like A Stoner In His Yearbook Photo

Pictured serenely above the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, it's as if Jamie Dimon is about to take off into flight.


But his mysterious pose amid the Colorado skyline begs the question, what the hell is Dimon doing in this picture? And more importantly, were there any...ahem..."natural substances" involved in the making of this hippie-esque yearbook photo of JPMorgan's CEO?

Apparently not, but the altitude may of had something to do with it.

New York Magazine's Jessica Pressler get's straight to the heart of the matter.

Us:"So you were ... maybe you were hallucinating from the height, or something, and that's why you look kind of, um ... ?"

Him: "No, I was doing fine. "

Us:"So there was no pot, or any ... Of course, you were fine."

Him: "When I climbed Mount Elbert, which is the highest mountain in Colorado, I got sick from the altitude. I still finished it, but right before I left I was sitting there throwing up. I sat and rested for like twenty minutes. It was terrible. But after that I was fine."

Jamie Dimon’s Stoner-Looking Yearbook Photo, Explained(New York Magazine)