Make Money in These 'Leading Areas': Stock Picker

Stocks rose Wednesday, led by energy and materials. Can this rally continue and where should investors be looking? David Joy, chief market strategist at Columbia Management, and Jim Lacamp, portfolio manager and advisor at Macroportfolio Advisors, shared their insights.

“We have the biggest tax increases that we’ve ever seen in our history coming in 2011...and in the meantime, our economic recovery is really stalling,” Lacamp told CNBC.

Lacamp advised investors to look into the "leading areas" including emerging markets, gold stocks and tech stocks.

“[They] are growing their earnings and are high-yielders,” he explained. “Outside those areas, there’s really not much of a point in playing.”

In the meantime, Joy expects stocks to “muddle through” because the economy isn’t growing fast enough to support the markets.

"I think there are some attractive stocks that have good dividend yields,” he said. “But overall, the markets are going to struggle.”

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Riverbed Tech

Mkt Vectors Gold Miners

Mkt Vectors Indonesia

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