Well-Fed Brains: University Offers Class on Zombies

Back to you coffins, vampires, it’s zombie time.

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Zombies are making a slow, shuffling comeback, with a new AMC show “The Walking Dead” coming out around Halloween and several zombie movies due out, including “Resident Evil: Afterlife” on Friday.

But maybe the most spine-tingling sign that zombies are about to invade our collective consciousness is that a university is now offering a course on zombies.

As part of its new pop culture minor, Baltimore University will offer a course on zombies, taught by Arnold T. Blumberg, the co-author of “Zombiemania: 80 Movies to Die For.”

The course may be based on an amusing premise but being an academic, Blumberg waxes philosophical on these brain eaters:

“It’s part of the American mindset,” Blumberg said. “The zombie functions as an allegory for all sorts of things that play out in our country, whether it’s the threat of communism during the Cold War or our fears about bioterrorism in 2010. It’s relatively easy to connect the zombie to what is happening in culture.”

Hmm. An excellent point, professor. So what do you think the zombies tell us about the financial crisis?

Nghhhhhh…Brains …

Zombie Treats:

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