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This ‘Homeless Executive’ Wants to Hire You

In yet another sign that the recovery is chugging along, Jim Kennedy, aka the "homeless executive," is not only employed, he's hiring!

Source: Twitter

Kennedy, if you recall, went from six figures to homelessafter he lost his job and then his condo to foreclosure and wound up living off his rewards points, hopping from hotel to hotel.

He landed a job earlier this year as the CEO of Internet-advertising company Netword. And, in a turn of the economic wheel of fortune, he’s now looking to hire a sales manager.

Earlier this week, he tweeted: “To give back, I am posting here first, looking for a sales mgr for local advertising sales Local sales/YP experience preferred Pls retweet.”

“Life’s been moving along a lot better,” Kennedy said.

Since he was hired as the CEO of Netword earlier this year, he’s been very busy working on the technology for Netword, which is basically a web-search app for geographically-targeted advertisements.

Now, he’s ready to start growing the business — which means he needs to set up a sales team to sell those local online ads.

Kennedy assumed there'd be plenty of overqualified, out-of-work sales representatives available. None emerged, so he opted to start posting job listings for a sales manager.

Next up, he’s hoping to bring in more venture partners, start opening sales offices across the country and advertising the business.

You might think Kennedy would sit a little taller on the interviewer’s side of the table, after being on the interviewee side so long, but he remains pragmatic — and pretty cautious.

“It feels good but not that different,” he said. “I’m just doing the job and wanting to basically get things moving. Get revenue coming in and have the opportunity to grow the business.”

Life is slowly getting back to normal — he bought a couple of bottles of wine for his 250-bottle collection last week (it was in storage while he was homeless) and reconnected with some of his wine-club friends.

But the scars of the recession are still fresh: Kennedy is making half the salary he used to, with no benefits. He’s still renting an apartment and was forced to buy out the lease on his car because he couldn’t get financing to buy a new one.

“It’s still scary out there,” Kennedy said. “I’m still concerned about what’s going to happen. I know I’m only one problem away from being back out.”

You can read about all of Kennedy's employed adventures at the same place he used to tweet about being homeless and unemployed —

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