What's On: IMF, Tech Stocks and the New Volvo

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--Financials, technology stocks and a new car safety device that could save your life. Bank stocks are in focus as global regulators put the finishing touches on Basel III. We're live in Switzerland to tell you what the new rules mean for your money and whether now's the time to go long or short financials. We'll have reaction from the CFO of Wells Fargo and a number of regional banking executives, who some say could feel the most pain from Basel.

--Plus, the Intel Developers Forum gets underway. With the stock underperforming the market, will company executives pull out the big stops to get investors excited about Intel again? And speaking of tech stocks, why are JDS Uniphase and Jabil Circuit up more than 20 percent so far this month. Find out if you should be buying into the rally.

--It's not just a handful of tech stocks soaring in September, the S&P is up more than 5 percent this month. Two veteran market players will tell us if signs point to a rally that's built to last. And our poll today asks if you think the Dow will end the month closer to 11,000 or 10,000. Share your opinion.

And with the recent move higher in treasury yields, could gold be on the verge of breaking out to the downside? And is silver the new big bet in the precious metals space?

--Then, we're test driving the new Volvo with a safety feature that could save lives. The car meets the Squawk on the Street crew at the NYSE where we'll be taking it for a spin.