4 Tech Trades and a Call on Banks

NVIDIA is breaking out here,” Cramer said during Monday’s Stop Trading!.

The Mad Money host said a host of new products makes this an exciting stock. Apparently investors agree with him, as Cramer is seeing “more and more interest” in the December 10 calls on NVIDIA.

Admittedly, there is tremendous short interest in this stock, but Cramer said that the pre-announcement of a bad coming quarter turned out to be “less than bad.” And he thinks expectations have been lowered to the pointed where NVDA can be bought.

At tech name that Cramer has liked but investors may want to avoid, at least for now, is Intel . He had considered the stock undervalued, but a spate of recent moves has proved otherwise. While the dividend yield is good, Cramer said there was “nothing exciting” about this stock.

Hewlett-Packard has announced its second acquisition in 10 days, adding ArcSight to the list in addition to 3Par , for which it outbid Dell . Cramer said that rather than trying to compete in the communications and networking-gear business, specifically in security, HP should have bought into video streaming with Akamai Technologies. Regardless, though, all of these moves despite having no new CEO following Mark Hurd’s departure may be “confusing a lot of people,” Cramer said.

“If they came out and said, ‘We’re not going to do anymore now until we pick a new CEO,’” Cramer said, “I think all of us would feel better about the stock.”

Also in tech, though in the internet space, Cramer recommended OpenTable , an online restaurant reservation service that helps restaurants both “save money and make money.” He called OPEN “extraordinary,” saying the company was “a Salesforce.com for the restaurant business.”

Cramer has been hearing some “good chatter” about regional banks, but warned investors away from any that hadn’t yet repaid TARP. Also, he was quick to point out that while the industry is seeing a significant amount of M&A activity, Huntington Bancshares should not be mistaken for a potential takeover target.

“This is a company that wants to consolidate,” Cramer said, “not be consolidated.”

When this story published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Intel.

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