86% of Investors Don't Trust The Market

AIG Plots End to U.S. Aid (Wall Street Journal) But first US ownership of AIG's common stock will increase all the way up to 90%. Then, over a period of years, it will (fingers crosssed guys!) be gradually sold off.


RBS Plans Giant Mortgage Securities Issuance (Financial Times) Royal Bank of Scotland is launching a £4.7 billion ($7.24 billion) issue of securities backed by its mortgages. It will be a key test of the securitization market.

A Walk Along Stone’s Wall Street(New York Times). Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman stops by Andrew Ross Sorkin's table at the Grill Room at the Four Seasons but the conversation gets awkward when Schwarzman realizes Oliver Stone is at the table. Sigh. We've all had days like that, haven't we?

Thomson Reuters to Launch Next Generation Desktop (Reuters @ NY Times). Reuters hopes to chip away at the market dominance of the Bloomberg terminal with a new desktop that will have functions borrowed from Twitter and Facebook. What, no FourSquare?

White House renominated Peter Diamond to Fed (Bloomberg) After the Senate rebuffed the nomination, the White House just sends it back. Senator Shelby is the one everyone thinks did the rebuffing, although no one is sure why.

Credit Suisse's awesome chart of where every major European bank's Tier 1 capital falls in terms of Basel III requirements. (TwitPic via Felix Salmon)

Investors Lack Confidence in Regulators to Fix Markets(CNBC) 86 percent of the 1,035 respondents view the market as unfair to small investors.