NetNet Crashes Fashion Week

Tight fashions for tight budgets? How about hemlines? Do Kim & Kourtney Kardashian know something more than what top strategists say about the markets?

Fashion Show
Fashion Show

In the name of well, let's call it "consumer sales research," we checked out QVC's "Fashion's Night Out" at Rockefeller Center.

The multimedia retailer, which is owned by Liberty Interactive Group strutted its new designers at its pop up-store before a live audience on Friday night.

The Kardashian sisters were among a fashionable cast that also included AMC "Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant and Designer Isaac Mizrahi who were all trying to appeal to consumers' tighter budgets...with tighter clothing.

The Kardashians had the main stage and their new K-Dash line featured what the sisters call "affordable clothing" — from $47.28 jeggings to a $199 fringe handbag, as well as some very short frocks. (Hmm, some serious clues about the economy here? According to economist George Taylor's "Hemline Index" of 1926, dress hemlines rise along with stock prices.)

It wasn't just the hemlines turning heads. Before the show started, Kourtney's boyfriend Scott Disick created some fireworks when he made a mad "DASH" out of the event — weaving through the media and crowds of guests just inches from us (maybe his jeggings were too tight.)

Isaac Mizrahi, who left Target to revamp Liz Claiborne in 2008, also revealed his new line for QVC. He's selling everything from designer $44 dollar cheesecakes to $895 (not a typo) SlimSkinny Pants.

Cheesecakes vs. SlimSkinnypants? In an economy like this, there's nothing like comfort food.

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