Meet The Future Hip Hop Superstar Who's Now An Investment Banker At Goldman Sachs

An investment banker and a hip-hop artist — well that’s probably not a combination you would see on a resume everyday, but one Goldman Sachs employee is bringing a hip-hop groove to Wall Street.

Allen Mask
Source: Facebook
Allen Mask

Allen Mask, 22, a brand new investment banker in the consumer retail division of Goldman Sachs, reveals his creative side in his two newly released hip-hop albums.

Mask’s music is full of catchy lyrics and some of them are evocative of Wall Street life.

“Wish I had a girl I would call her…and tell her throw away the Domino’s meet me at Delmonico’s. I’d wear the finest of designer clothes,” Mask sings in “Feedback” on his debut album Pilot Season.

Here's another:

“I’m just tryna let the world know hear me Wall Street I might have take a furlough cuz I-bank now on CJB fly me to CLT cuz she’s to me,” he sings in “All My Days” from his newest album Sweet Dreams.

Both albums can be heard here.

We called Goldman to ask them about their hip hop investment banker. Goldman would not comment. Mask was not available for comment.

—Julia LaRoche, Senior Hip-Hop Correspondent

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