Heisman Painter Doesn’t Regret Painting Reggie Bush Portrait

Since 1991, painter Ted Watts has spent his time painting all the Heisman Trophy winners. In his studio in Oswego, Kansas, he spends two months of his life on each one.

Ted Watts

So, now that Reggie Bush is returning his 2005 Trophy, does he regret painting it?

“Heavens no,” said the 67-year-old Watts, who is still working on the last two winners, Sam Bradford and Mark Ingram. “He was a wonderful college football player. You can’t alter what happened in history.”

Watts, whose paintings are on loan at the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Ind., said that if the canvas comes off the wall, he’ll gladly take it back.

“My originals are worth about $15,000 each,” Watts said. “But I’d bet someone would now pay $50,000 for the Bush.”

The Heisman Trust hasn’t decided whether it will award the trophy to runner-up Vince Young, but Watts said he’s committed to painting the former Texas quarterback if that happens.

Said Watts: “I got some burnt orange paint lying around.”

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