The Largest Arbitrage Ever

Regulators to Target 'Window Dressing' (Wall Street Journal) The SEC is looking into the practice of banks disguising their debt levels around earnings reports, as Lehman allegedly did with it's Repo 105 transactions.


More Mystery in Quarterly Repo Patterns (FT Alphaville) Regardless of what the regulators want, quarterly balance sheet manipulation appears to be getting more pronounced not less.

U.S. Adopts Tougher Stance on China (New York Times) Tim Geithner will acknowledge China's currency manipulation in testimony to House and Senate panels on Capitol Hill today. This will totally tick off China.

Bond Strategy Led to Big Win After Lehman (Financial Times) Government intervention after the collapse of Lehman led to wildly mispriced bonds, a new paper says. "The sheer magnitude of this mispricing presents a serious challenge to conventional asset pricing theory," the authors write.

Blue-Collar, Unemployed and Seeing Red (Reuters) Meet a guy who lost his home and his job and has been unemployed for months but is voting Republican and doesn't want unemployment benefits extended.