Goldman Sach's Hip-Hop Investor Is Going to Drop Some New Beats In 2011

Looks like the Goldman Sachs hip-hop artist might continue releasing new tunes and beats that will hit Wall Street in 2011.

Allen Mask
Source: Facebook
Allen Mask

Allen Mask, a new investment banker and hip-hop artist is apparently anticipating the release of a new music "project" in the spring of 2011, according to a Facebook event page Mask created.

“Over the next six months from the center of financial universe I will be releasing a barrage of Allen Mask music and media,” Mask wrote on the event’s info page.

Mask graduated in May 2010 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he majored in journalism and mass communication and minored in both music and entrepreneurship.

While at UNC, Mask co-founded a student-run record label called Vinyl Records.

Mask could not be reached for comment.

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