What's On: Meds for Addicts, Russell Index, Obama's Approval Rating

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--A medicine already used to treat alcoholics, may soon be used to treat people addicted to painkillers. The drug comes from Alkermes, and the CEO is with us this morning.

--We're looking at the Russell Index, up about 8 percent this month. Is there still time to get in?

--Plus the RV index. Are people buying motor-homes again. A top executive from Thor Industries is on the show. See what the company's success says about the big picture.

--Plus, Phil LeBeau with cars that get 100 miles per gallon and a key red-meat debate, Republican vs. Democrat on the President's economic track-record.

In our Street Poll, we ask if you think the President is doing a good job. Share your opinion, and watch the show starting at 9am sharp.