Elizabeth Warren Is A Blogger

Reluctant Realtors: Fannie, Freddie (Wall Street Journal) Talk about shadow inventory in the banking system. Fannie and Freddie own nearly 200,000 homes.


Hedge Fund Managers Set Up for Next Acts (New York Times) James Palllotta is back in business.

The Mis-Story of Lehman’s Collapse (The Big Picture) Barry Ritholtz calls Larry McDonald's theory about the collapse of Lehman Beothers a "crock."

Elizabeth Warren: Blogger (WhiteHouse.gov) Just hours after the White House tapped Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren to oversee the build of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Warren took to the White House blog to explain her vision for the new agency.

SEC Eyes New Rules on Banks' Debt-Level Disclosure(CNBC) The SEC will propose new rules today that would keep banks from temporarily cutting their debt levels prior to releasing earnings statements.
US Banks Braced for Further Bad News (CNBC) A slowdown in trading activity and a weak economy have banks worried about the third quarter.

Judge Clears Countrywide's Mozilo Case For Trial(CNBC) The SEC gets to take on the former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo and two other former executives.