Your Thoughts on Man vs. Machine ...

When you look at the stock market today, do you see the Terminator or Rosie the Jetson's Robot? That is ... do you fear it will hurt you or help you? Maybe a little bit of both?

All this week we've been running special coverage of this friction, dubbed Man vs. Machine,

looking into how equities and automation have intertwined to the point where the market isn't quite what people think it is. In fact, a centerpiece of that coverage was a poll indicating that most average investors think that the market, thanks to the computer factor, is stacked against them.

Throughout that coverage, which has been one of our most widely read features this year (right up there with Marijuana, in fact), has been ongoing commentary from our audience about what's good and bad about the high-speed, technological nature of the market today. Most of the comments have been diverse and thoughtful.

We want to give folks one more chance to comment on the issue ... from an overall viewpoint, not just story by story. So go below and either leave a comment here or send in an email. We may use a couple later today for a discussion on Closing Bell.