100 Miles Per Gallon? You Bet!

After 3 years of planning, building and testing their are three teams splitting $10 million in Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition.

They all won by achieving a goal many consider a pipe dream: getting 100 miles per gallon, or the equivalent of that for the electric vehicles.

The winners:

Very Light Car by Edison2 is the only internal combustion vehicle to win the X Prize. The Edison2 team gets $5 million for building a car that is so light you can push it with one finger.


The Very Light Car only weighs 830 pounds, and that's a big reason (along with its aerodynamics) why it averaged 100.3 miles per gallon of E85 ethanol.


Wave2 by Li-Ion Motors is an electric 2 seater that averaged 171.4 MPG in X-Prize testing. The aerodynamics on this two seat electric car helped it win a $2.5 Million prize.


Li-Ion is taking orders for Wave2 ($39,000) and believes this is just the start of what we can achieve with electric cars.

E-TRACER by Team Switzerland - 197.1 MPG

The E-Tracer by the X-Tracer Team Switzerland is a tandem enclosed motorcycle. The battery-electric vehicle averaged an astounding 197.1 MPG equivalent and won $2.5 Million from the X Prize people.


E-Tracer is scheduled to go on sale here in the U.S. next year. And before you think it's a quaint little electric vehicle to putz around in, keep this in mind. The E-Tracer can hit a top speed of nearly 200 MPH.

All of these vehicles, and many of the 136 others that entered the X Prize contest, show what's possible when auto designers push mileage expectations.

Are these vehicles practical for most Americans?

No. That said, they show how far battery and aerodynamic s technology has come.

And this is just the start.

100 Miles Per Gallon?

You bet.

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