Video Highlights From Investing In America: A CNBC Town Hall Event With President Obama

Obama: GOP Must Accept Blame
It's premature to call current Minority Leader John Boehner the next leader of the House of Representatives, the president says, and at election time, many Americans will recognize that GOP policies contributed to America's deficit problems and economic turmoil.

Obama: China and the Yuan
China's artifically low currency valuation give it unfair trade advantages, and the United States must continue to insist that trade is a "two-way street" with a fair trade relationship.

Obama: The Threat of Iran
The administration will not disclose all of its options with regard to dealing with Iran, but the threat the country presents is very real, the president says.

Obama: On the Housing Market
It's a fair economic argument to insist that individuals should be allowed to default on unmanageable mortgage loans and lose their homes, but real families are at stake, the president says.

Obama: Payroll Tax Holiday?
The administration has provided tax incentives that help businesses defray the cost of hiring and adding to their payrolls, the president says. And it may be open to the idea of a payroll tax holiday.

Obama: Is Wall Street the President's 'Pinata'?
SkyBridge Capital Founder Anthony Scaramucci asks President Obama when Wall Street will cease to be the administration's whipping boy. The president insists the financial sector is not his personal whipping boy and has not been.

Obama: Regulation and the Size of the U.S. Government
In the end, a certain amount of business regulation is going to be necessary, the president says, while the government cannot be overly meddling in private enterprise.

Obama: How to Deal with the Tea Party?
Skepticism about the government is a very American trait, the president says, but the Tea Party has misidentified where America's budgetary difficulties come from.

Obama: More on Deficit Spending
For the U.S. economy to work its way out of its current malaise, the government must continue to make long-term investments that will boost it, the president says.

Obama: How to End Deficit Spending
Ending the tax cuts on America's wealthiest will help cut the deficit, but 60% of the U.S. budget consists of entitlements that leave the president little room for spending flexibility.

Obama: Small Business Tax Relief
The administration has a pro-business agenda and has taken steps to assist small business owners across the U.S., the president says.

Obama: Regaining the Political Center
The administration's aid to the auto industry and other business is a reflection of its commitment to compromise and the center of American politics, the president says.

Obama: Denying Tax Cuts to the Wealth
It is impossible to tackle the deficit while also giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, the president says.

Obama: Middle Class Tax Relief
Providing tax relief for the middle class supercedes providing them to the wealthy.

Obama: Will Geithner and Summers Remain?
The President says he has not yet focused on whether Larry Summers or Tim Geithner will stay with him throughout the duration of his administration.

Obama: The Survival of the Amerian Dream
Preserving the American dream means making education available and accelerating business investment by providing tax breaks and other incentives.

Obama: The Cost of Family
Whatever it costs to raise a family is worth it, Obama says to applause.

Obama: Opposed to the Very Idea of Profit?
The President says that entrepreneurship is something he wants to support, not impede.

Obama on Accusations That He Bashes Business
The President insists that rather than hurting private enterprise, he has aided it.

Obama: Failing the Middle Class?
Faced with a tough question about serving the middle class, Obama stresses that he sees the middle class as America's "bedrock."

Obama: Communicating Effectively
American joblessness trumps any considerations related to Obama and how people perceive him.

Obama: Americans' Struggle Is Very Real
The current recession is unprecedented, says U.S. President Barack Obama.