What's On: Barack Obama, Bob Doll, Steve Rattner

Here's what's up on Monday's Squawk on the Street:

--It's a big day on CNBC and Squawk on the Street is right in the middle of it. If you don't know yet, President Obama is holding a first-of-its-kind live Town Hall Event on CNBC today. We're leading up to the big event with some of the biggest names in business to hear what they'd ask the President.

--On the guest list: McGraw-Hill's CEO Harold McGraw, The CEO of Stifel Nicolaus , Ronald Kruszewski and Ethan Allen's CEO Farooq Kathwari.

--Plus, one of small businesses' biggest representatives, Bill Dunkelberg, and some of Wall Street's biggest money players including Bob Doll and Steve Rattner.

--Our Street Poll today asks if you feel like you're in a better financial position than you were before President Obama took office? Share your opinion and watch the special show starting at 9am eastern, only on CNBC.