Cold Water Fusion, Definitive Answers on Causes of May 'Flash Crash' Continue to Elude Hysicists?


We’re Number Four! We’re Number Four!(Bloomberg)(Granted, it’s not much of a chant…)

Blackrock Expects Slowdown Later This Year (

Euro Equity Indices Rise After Positive Bond Auctions in Ireland, Spain, and Greece (New York Times)

Twenty-Seven Year Old Hedge Fund Exec Killed by Unlicensed Hit & Run Driver in Manhattan (New York Post)

Cold Water Fusion, Definitive Answers on Causes of May Flash Crash Continue to Elude Hysicists? (New York Times) We should find out in the next two weeks…

Mixed Bag As Investors Await Fed Policy Statement (Yahoo)

European Yield Spreads Narrow: (Bloomberg) Analyst hyperbole soon to recede to pre-crisis levels? This Bloomberg article can’t quite decide, as its conclusions differ from subhead to subhead.

Markets Tumble, CalPERS Bonuses Rise( As the value of California’s Public Employees' Retirement fund declined, its top employees received six figure bonuses. Meantime, the California economy eroded while average Californians endured cuts to basic services.

U.S. Home Builders Still Miserable: Surprise! (Financial Times)

Corporate Giving Shifts to GOP: This Article Provides a Narrative Structure And Attractive Graphics to Tell You Two Things You Already Know:(Wall Street Journal) 1) Dems lose ground to Republicans on the corporate donations front; and 2) Republicans are likely to make gains in the November midterms.

Airline Profits Predicted to Take Wings (New York Times)