What's On: Earnings, Gold, White House After Summers

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

--It's another morning of big earnings. General Mills numbers are out. They're reporting a net income of 472 million dollars. We'll get an analysts' take. Plus numbers from Carmax as well.

--We're also looking at gold and the general stock market. Gold often represents fear, and the price keeps rising. Rising stocks often indicate a lack of fear, and stocks keep rising. So who's right... the fear side... or the stock side?

--Also this morning, the next step for the White House now that Larry Summers is leaving. Who's going to run the economic team?

Plus a special look at the leadership at Apple and Amazon. Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, were much maligned but now both CEOs have stocks at all-time highs.

--And our Street Poll asks with whom you'd rather have dinner — Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos? They're paying, but you get to pick the restaurant. Share your opinion and watch the show starting at 9am eastern.