US Aerospace Names Worsham as CEO

CNBC has learned that U.S. Aerospace, the small Los Angeles company which partnered with Ukrainian aircraft company Antonov to offer tankers to the U.S. Air Force, has named former Douglas Aircraft Company President Jim Worsham as CEO.


The company, launched earlier this year by a group of investors which took over defense subcontractor New Century, has been actively trying to beef up its C-suite. It's goal is to become a prime contractor in the defense and aerospace business by partnering with foreign manufacturers.

Worsham most recently worked as head of marketing and business development for the Southern California Logistics Airport. In addition to running Douglas Aircraft in the ‘80s, Worsham also spent over 30 years in General Electric’s aircraft engine division.

U.S. Aerospace is waiting for a decision which could come shortly from the GAO on whether the Air Force's denial of the company's tanker bid was unfair (the Air Force claims it was submitted five minutes past the deadline).

The company may hope to highlight Worsham’s past experience with programs like the KC-10A tanker.

Worsham also initiated aircraft leasing in China, and today, U.S. Aerospace will be welcoming officials from China’s AVIC International Holding to California. AVIC is an aircraft company that U.S. Aerospace has partnered with to bid for military helicopters in New Zealand.