There Must Be a Pony in Here...and I Found Him!

For nearly two years now, we've been saying, "There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere," which is the name of this blog.

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The name comes from an old joke, a favorite of Reagan's, where the punchline is: With a pile of you-know-what this big, there must be a pony, a bright side, in here somewhere!

Well, a few days after the National Bureau of Economic Research declared that the recession ended last year, I'm proud to report ... I've found the Pony!

His name is Rocky and he's a 16-year old Shetland from Echo Lake Stablesin Newfoundland, NJ.

You’ll usually find him doing pony ridesand birthday parties for kids at the farm, up there in northern New Jersey near the New York border.

But today, he was wandering around outside of CNBC headquarters, with his young buddy Chocolate, a three-year old Shetland, waiting for a photo shoot for a promo for the Suze Orman Show.

“He’s just a real sweet guy,” John Leaver, the owner of Echo Lake Stables, said of Rocky. “He’s a good, solid citizen.”

We’re taking it as a good sign for the economy that we finally found a Pony in Here Somewhere.

The only question now is: Can I afford a pony?

That sounds like a question to "Ask Suze!"

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