Market Forces Trump Balance Sheet Fundamentals?

Federal government will sell low percentage of G.M. stock in order to fetch highest price.(New York Times) Analysts seem to find consensus that it will take years for gov’t to recoup its $43 billion investment.


Sources claim Petrobas offering raises $70 billion, making it the largest in history.(And the issue was oversubscribed.)

Investors brace themselves for durable goods orders to take a dip. (Yahoo) Commerce Department will release new report at 8:30 a.m.

Market forces trump balance sheet fundamentals?(Wall Street Journal)Stock picker excuse — or bona fide macroeconomic phenomenon?

Dealbook handicaps the battle between hedge funds and The SEC on Rule 105, inside trading.(New York Times)

Japan to release Chinese trawler captain. (New York Times) Analysts hope tensions will ease between Asia’s two largest economic powers.

Dodd-Frank delays U.S. implementation of Basel III. (Bloomberg) Since regulators can’t rely on credit ratings, another option must be found. That leaves few choices options: Retain current rules , which require the same capital requirements for MBS as treasuries? Let banks devise their own ratings?

Oliver Stone consults real Wall Street fact checkers to help create fictional world. (BusinessWeek)

Deep pocket donors return to support GOP (Politico)

Proposed HSBC CEO comes with liabilities (