Government Has Trouble Unloading Citi Shares?

QE2: Survey says ship about to leave port. ( About 70% believe The Fed will resume quantitative easing.


Equities underwritings down, JPM still tops league tables. (

Krugman implies there is an easy answer. (That answer, one surmises, is more fiscal stimulus)

Inside an ECB Bailout. WSJ buries the lead: (Wall Street Journal) “There is no central authority to even coordinate national tax-and-spending policies”

Government has trouble unloading Citi Shares? (Financial Times) Despite challenges of low trading volume, the government has already made $2 Billion on an 18% run up in Citi stock.

Feds want increased power to listen in on Internet (New York Times)

Dems electoral rallying cry? (Politico) The rich don’t need tax cuts

Further flash crash speculation (New York Times)