What’s Wrong With Wall Street? Simple.

JPM may go after WaMu. (CNBC.com) Claims could total more than $6 billion.


Fear of Irish credit rating cut pushes down stock futures ahead of the open; (CNBC.com) speculation continues about Fed’s intent

What’s wrong with Wall Street? Simple: (Wall Street Journal) Andy Kessler suggests that the supply of traders & bankers may outstrip the demand for their services.

Talk of currency wars (CNBC.com) as nations battle for exports during global downturn

Dems stick with economic plan;(Politico) recent poll shows president trails congressional Republicans 49% to 41% on the economy, and 51% to 40% on jobs.

China Trade Chicken? (Wall Street Journal) Does poultry protection signal broader trade war ahead?

Gap widens between rich and poor (Washington Post)

David Brooks discusses the death of the California dream: (New York Times)

Cooler heads prevail in China-Japan dispute? (New York Times)