Another Tornado May Strike New York City, Here's What You Need To Know

We may be in for another tornado.

Gregory Kramer | Stone | Getty Images

Earlier today the National Weather Service issued a "tornado watch" for all five boroughs of New York City, the entire state of New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and the Hedgfundistan parts of Connecticut.

In short, many NetNet readers may be facing a serious storm.

The City Room blog at the New York Times explains that "tornado watch" is a technical term that weather officials use to confuse the public.

It is too soon to fear for reprise of the Sept. 16 tornado that wreaked havoc in parts of the city. A tornado watch means the conditions are conducive for a tornado, while a warning — which has not been issued — means that a tornado is already on the ground or that there is strong evidence that one will be.

"The ingredients are there for a tornado to form," Mr. [Tim] Morrin [of the National Weather Service] said. "Think of 'get ready, get set, go.' The 'get ready' part of it, that's the watch."

So that means everything's cool and there's no reason to really take any action yet, right? Not quite. Here's what says you should do when a "watch" has been issued.

Keep children and pets indoors.

Call your family's emergency contact person to report your plans.

Make sure you have cash and your car has a full tank of gas in case you must evacuate.

Beware of high winds and flooding.

If you are not told to evacuate, stay put. Roads should be available for emergency vehicles and those who must evacuate.

Beware of a false sense of security. If winds die down, this could be the calm before the other half of the storm.

We're betting that you have not even gone to the ATM yet. So here's your chance. Go right now. If a tornado takes out the power, those machines won't work, no one will take credit cards, and cash will be king.