Bloodbath at DE Shaw: 10% Layoffs


Object lesson for regulators: Be wary of unintended consequences. (New York Post) (Also, watch out for that guy with the iPhone in his lap as he merges on The FDR.)

John Paulson sees inflation — not growth — as next challenge; sees housing as a hedge. (Forbes)(I believe there are still some condos for sale in Nevada…)

Stocks rise on bad news? (Wall Street Journal) Investors bet that weak number mean The Fed will intervene

Investors buy on the dip: Gold rises to new record. (Yahoo)

Japan’s finance minister pulls the reins on new bond issuance (Wall Street Journal) as total debt doubles GDP. Is there a similar tipping point in store for The U.S.?

BP in Russia: “When people were saying, ‘BP’s days are numbered in the U.S.,’ (New York Times) Russia said, ‘We’ll take you,’ ”