JPM Suspends 56,000 Foreclosures, Potentially Invalid Documents to Blame

Moody’s cuts Spain from AAA (CNBC.com)


Elizabeth Warren speaks to banking executives at Financial Services Roundtable dinner.(New York Times) (Oh, to have been a fly on that wall.)

JPM suspends 56,000 foreclosures, potentially invalid documents to blame. (New York Times)

Handicapping today’s senate banking committee: Derivates, CFPB, and FSOC are likely topics. (CNBC.com)

AIG and Gov’t agree on plan to return company to private hands. (Wall Street Journal) Plan expected to cover how $13 billion owed to NY Fed will be repaid.

House passes legislation criticizing China’s Renminbi policy, threatening tariff. (Financial Times) China condemns “protectionism”

Ireland’s bank bailout deepens:(Financial Times)Senior bond holders to be made whole, subordinated bond holders position uncertain