Ride on the Chinese Consumer for High Returns

China, with its 1.3 billion population, holds a definite promise for retailers at home and abroad. Jing Ulrich, managing director & chairman of China equities at JPMorgan Securities, views that vast market positively and believes consumer-related stocks that service the mainland will do well for one's investment portfolio.

"China's economy is being rebalanced and rising wages in the hinterland is fueling growth in consumption," she said. "Year-to-date, minimum wages in 28 provinces have gone up 23 percent, while wages of manufacturing workers were up more than 30 percent."

As such, she is very upbeat about the consumer sector, in particular, companies where growth is driven by China's second and third tier cities, such as Suzhou and Tianjin.

"Workers are earning more, and with more disposable income, we are seeing food and beverage companies, sporting goods retailers, super markets and department stores all doing very well in the hinterland," Ulrich said on CNBC's "Protect Your Wealth".

She added that companies operating in these cities are enjoying higher profit margins and facing less intense competition compared to the first tier centers such as Shanghai or Beijing.

Luxury brands such as LVMH are also making inroads in central and northern China, which is rich in coal, natural gas and iron ore, she observed.

"Remember, a lot of wealth is being generated in the northern part of China, so lots of luxury companies will benefit from rising income as a result of surge in demand for resources."

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