Paris Auto Show: Lotus Makes a Big Splash

Lotus Esprit
Lotus Esprit

Well, talk about sending a message.

We've known for some time that Lotus is revving up for a comeback.

Now we are seeing just how serious the owners of the British auto maker are about coming back strong.

At the Paris Auto Show they've unveiled five models, including a few that are near production ready.

And these are not just five run of the mill models.

They carry a heavy dose of style, horsepower and attitude.

Lotus Elan
Lotus Elan

The five models are Esprit, Elan, Eterne, Elite, and next-generation Elise.

Some are near production ready.

Take the Esprit, coming in 2013.

It will have 620hp and go 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds.

Some of the models Lotus revealed here in Paris are concept cars that show us where Lotus intends to go in the near future.

In short, that's into the driveway of super sports car lovers.

Lotus Elise
Lotus Elise

Lotus wants to challenge Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini for the hearts and minds of those who want speed and style.

It is a niche market that can be extremely lucrative, IF you do it right.

For years, Lotus went through the motions, and eventually turned into a brand living on past glory.

But the Malaysian consortium Proton that now owns Lotus is determined to bring the brand back, and do it quickly.

Auto industry veteran Bob Lutz is on the Lotus advisory council and is downright giddy about Lotus' future.

Lotus Eterne
Lotus Eterne

When I've talked with him about where Lotus is headed Bob has talked about the passion the company has to win over those super sports car lovers right away.

We'll see when the Esprit and other Lotus models come out whether they will truly be players in the luxury speed market.

But from the looks of what we're seeing in Paris, get ready.

Lotus is coming and promising big things.

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