Hotels Still Suck

Why do nearly all hotels mistreat conference guests?


Last night I checked into the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC around 11:00 pm. Today I had to check out by 1:00 pm.

For those thirteen hours the hotel charges more than $350.

Obviously, it is a major inconvenience to guests attending the Wholesales Markets Brokers' Association conference to have to check out halfway through the conference. Why not let guests stay until later in the evening, so that they can enjoy having a room for the duration of the conference?

I asked management about the policy and was told the rooms needed to be available for the next night's guests. This doesn't make sense. Presumably, at a hotel on downtown Washington DC, most of the guests arrive in the evening for events the following day. They'd hardly be inconvenienced by allowing guests to check out at, say, 5 pm.

I'm tempted to say this is just a holdover from traditional practices. If I'm right about that, there's good money to be made in running a hotel that better caters to the actual schedules of guests rather than the hotel's imposed timeline.