Bernanke Paradox

Bernanke Paradox: (CNBC.com) Fed chief says Federal Budget unsustainable over long-term; short-term premature fiscal tightening puts recovery at risk


Defining success down: (Wall Street Journal) Investment banks face structural changes to profitability

Flash Crash: (Wall Street Journal) Some criticize SEC report’s narrow focus; suggest broader sources of trouble

Obama signals willingness to lower corporate tax rate — but insists plan must be “revenue neutral” (Financial Times)

Soc Gen rogue trader gets three years in prison (New York Times)

Japan cuts rates to zero, begins QE (CNBC.com)

Europe presses china to speed yuan appreciation(Reuters)

UBS sees big jump in the numbers of “ultra-rich” — in Asia. (Bloomberg)

Organization of central banks calls for greater coordination of global currencies (Financial Times)

Krugman rails against GOP, Fox News (again) (New York Times)

The return of AIG (Dealbook)