Fallen Hedge Funder Forced to Sell Collection of “Museum-Grade” Mole Hair Teddy Bears

Ireland downgraded again: European sovereign spreads widen. (CNBC.com)


Dollar index at nine month low.(Bloomberg)

Central banks around the world review their options amid weak recovery. (Wall Street Journal)

Soros warns of European “deflation spiral”; blames the Germans (CNBC.com)

Mortgage rates drop; number of application rises (CNBC.com)

Foreclosure suspensions draw the scrutiny of lawmakers (Financial Times)

IMF ponders the global consequences of QE: (Reuters)

As global fears of terrorism rise, NYPD cuts anti-terrorism patrols — budget woes to blame (New York Post)

Fallen hedge funder forced to sell collection of “museum-grade” mole hair teddy bears.(New York Times) (Yes, the world has gone mad.)