Sex, Lawsuits, and Rock n' Roll

Boy, do we love lawsuits in this country.

Everything is always someone else's fault, and we wanna get compensated.

Dave Grohl
Paul Morigi | WireImage | Getty Images
Dave Grohl

In what may be the most hilarious spoof of America's obsession with victimization and litigation, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl is "suing" glam rock band Scissor Sisters for $75 million.

Grohl claims he is a fan of the band, and when he went to a recent concert, a wardrobe malfunction involving lead singer Jake Shears devastated Grohl. "Is $75 million going to erase that from my life?" Grohl asks. "Probably not."

In an age where we seem to believe every wrong can be righted with legal action, Grohl takes it to the extreme, beautifully, in this "interview" with Scissor Sister News. Warning, some of the language and content is inappropriate and may not be safe for work. (*You've been warned*)

Here's the bigger news-when is Dave Grohl going to start an acting career?

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