Economists Agree? Left, Right, And Center in Accord: Things Are Bad.

Bank of England keeps rates at historical low (CNBC.com)


Foreclosure issues not going away any time soon (BusinessWeek)

Barclays, Lehman continue marital spat (Bloomberg)

Dollar down (Again.) (Wall Street Journal)

Consensus on Euro rate forecast: things to remain the same (CNBC.com)

Economists agree? Left, right, and center in accord: Things are bad. (Politico)

Legislation increasing difficulty of foreclosure challenges passes; timing called “suspicious”. (CNBC.com)

Verizon readies iPhone — as I finalize plans to throw my AT&T version in East River. (Wall Street Journal)

Peruvian writer wins Nobel for literature (New York Times) — NetNet contributors remain defiantly unrecognized by Swedes