Recovery Is Intact—Invest Here: Stock Pickers

Stocks struggled to stay higher Thursday, as the Dow approached 11,000 for the first time since May. Sandy Lincoln, chief investment strategist at M&I Investment Management, and Eugene Peroni, SVP and portfolio manager at Advisors Asset Management, discussed their insights.

“I’m overall bullish—when we look at stocks on a bottom-up basis, and then identify the sectors that look attractive here, it’s very broad in nature so that to me is very bullish,” Peroni told CNBC.

Peroni’s sector favorites include techs, health care and energy. He expects oil prices to rise over $90 a barrel in the short-term and “well over” $100 a barrel in the longer-term. He also likes the manufacturing, industrial, chemical, metal and materialsectors.

In the meantime, Lincoln said the recovery is currently "intact" and sees markets grinding higher.

“We too favor the economically sensitive [sectors],” he said. “It’s too early to give up on that game, so we like IT, industrials, materials and selectively, some consumernames as well.”

Peroni likes:


Polypore International

Concho Resources

Lincoln Likes:

Phillips Van Heusen

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