What's On: Jobs, A New Market, Investing Versus Trading

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--This morning on Squawk on the Street: The jobs report. Traders get their first chance to react and so does Washington. We'll hear from the Obama administration first. Also reacting, TD Ameritrade'sCEO on the jobs report and the state of the retail investor.

--The Nasdaq launches a new market this morning, we have the man behind it, see if it's right for you.

--Also on the show, Suze Orman's thoughts on whether investing is better than trading. Don't forget, if you put money in the market ten years ago, you're pretty much flat.

--And our Street Poll wants to know where America will stand on the employment front one year from now. Share your opinion and watch Squawk on the Street, starting at 9 a.m. ET sharp.