Book Notes: A House, A Dragon Tattoo and Nice Specs

File this under "I've been meaning to share this with you all week"

Behind Closed Doors


Leave it to the man who has written about the Australian outback and the Appalachian Trail to find a great story in that far, far away place we like to call, home.

Author Bill Bryson didn't have to pack a single bag to find his newest story — it was there in his own old Victorian home in England. In At Home: A Short History of Private Life, Bryson offers a great history lesson about our abodes - along with what it really means to "make a bed" and shatters the mystique of the 'boudoir'.

He gave a great interview to NPR this week and it's worth a listen especially as he says - “Houses aren’t refuges from history - They are where history ends up.”

Lens Crafty or What a Spectacle


Also on NPR - Jonathan Franzen had a little bit of his own "Freedom" stolen. (sorry)

Franzen was celebrating the UK release of his book "Freedom" when his famous glasses were yanked off his face by a thief who had somehow crashed the book party. As the thief ran off with the glasses, his partner handed Franzen a note that read, "$100,000 - Your glasses are yours again!"

It was another hiccup for Franzen's English tour and quite the contrast to his recent experiences back here at home where along with the successful release of his book, Time Magazine called him the "Great American Novelist" and he patched up that "misunderstanding" with Oprah.

So what did Franzen have to say for all this drama....check out this story, it's another classic.

My Idol!

Billy Idol of 'Dancing with Myself" is doing another solo act - he's now writing own book. He's promised a story of sex and drugs and 24-hour madness.

The Man and Myth Behind Kalle Blomkvist


If you are a huge fan of the so-called Millenium Trilogy you have to have to watch CBS Sunday Morning. The show traveled to Stockholm to learn more about Swedish author Stieg Larsson - the brilliant mind behind "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,""The Girl Who Played With Fire," and "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest."

There's no other way to say it - this series is an international hit.

More than 30 million copies of the books have been sold around the world so far. Three Swedish language films have been made of the trilogy and Sony's making its own version with a cast of "A listers" including Daniel Craig.

The man behind the books - Larsson was a journalist who died before his books were ever published and he never knew the success they would become or the drama they would cause. Definitely set your DVR for this one - the Larsson story is amazing - and can't you just picture all that Swedish countryside. That's a perfect Sunday morning.

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