Imagine John Lennon at 70


I have to admit, I'm a huge Beatles fan; I was totally charmed and delighted when I watched the Google doodle come to life and play 'Imagine.' Check it out.

On Saturday John Lennon would have turned 70 and he's still playing a role in entertainment across multiple mediums.

Google is going all-out, with a YouTube channel dedicated to Lennon.

Today "Nowhere Boy" opens in a few theaters across the country today. If the film's a hit the Weinstein Company will roll it out wide. Check out the trailer. A documentary, "LENNONNYC" about the last few years of Lennon's life will premiere on November 22 on PBS; it will be screened for free this Saturday in Central Park.

Montblanc is selling pens inspired by Lennon. The pens are grooved like a record and the website plays off the spinning record, pretty cool.

What about Lennon's music?

You can't find The Beatles catalog anywhere in Apple's iTunes store (AAPL), this despite the fact that the top-selling album in the US since 2000 is "1," a collection of Beatles songs from the 1960s. But Lennon's music is available.

The love of Lennon lives on: there are 655,000 fans on his page on Facebook, you can play a quiz about the music legend to win a limited edition print. Oddly enough, there are even a few John Lennon profiles on Twitter. Who knows what Lennon would make of that.

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