A Fourth Manuscript by Stieg Larsson Exists: CBS

Hopefully fans of the "Millennium Trilogy" were able to catch the programming note I shared on Friday.


The CBS show "Sunday Morning" sent a reporter to Sweden to tell the story of author Stieg Larsson who wrote the first three books of the series, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,""The Girl Who Played With Fire," and "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest."

Larson died before any of the books were published never knowing what an international hit they would become.

For those of us who love the series and all the real-life drama associated with the books (i.e. the conspiracy theories surrounding his death, the family feud) - this story just got even better.

“I got an e-mail from Stieg 10 days before he died, where he said that book four is nearly finished,” Joakim Larsson (Stieg's brother) told CBS .


But wait there's more - according to Joakim, “To make it more complicated, this book No. 4 — that’s book No. 5 because he thought that was more fun to write."

Larson was hoping to have 10 books in the series and he was working on a manuscript when he died.

That manuscript is reportedly on a laptop and is being held by Eva Gabrielsson, Larson's companion of some 30 years and apparently she's not willing to give it up.

Today's NY Times reports, "Paul Bogaards, a spokesman for Knopf, the American publisher of the “Millennium” books, said he believed the unpublished manuscript existed but did not know whether it was intended to be the fourth book or the fifth."

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