Getting Uncivil Over Coffee

sot | Photodisc | Getty Images

As you drank that first cup of coffee this Monday morning, did you appreciate the sacrifice that went into it? Do you remember those who gave their all so you could freely drink that venti double shot half caf soy milk mocha?

That's the tongue in cheek motivation behind a new "documentary" done in the style of Ken Burns by a San Francisco comedy troupe called "Killing My Lobster".

It recounts the battle of "The Blue and the Red" in the City by the Bay, where lattes and macchiatos became deadly weapons. This is not a coffee war between Starbucks and Peet's . In fact, Starbucks isn't mentioned at all. There's even a Joan Baez anthem invoking George Lucas. In the end, as "Kendra Burns" observes, "The coffee wars defined what we ego-centric style whores." (Warning: one f-bomb).

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