Who's Sleeping With The Boss


We all know it happens.

An employee will have a fling with the boss, not for love, but for money.

The hope is to get a promotion. Does it work?

Adecco Group, which consults in human resources, says that 17 percent of the 1,000 American workers it surveyed believe that having an affair with the boss can lead to a better, er, position.

Seven percent say they've actually done it.

That's one out of 14 of you and your co-workers.

Look around...

Adecco released that little nugget inside a larger "Best Boss" survey, which found that managers have bonded more closely with employees during the Great Recession—usually in a Platonic way—communicating more, putting in more hours, diving in during a crisis. Workers have noticed the efforts and appreciate them.

Some appreciate them more than others.

Still, only one in six employees says they interact with their managers on social networking sites, though a third wish they hadn't friended the boss, and nearly half limit what their supervisors can see.

As for which celebrity boss they'd most like to work for, participants were give 15 choices.

  • Oprah Winfrey: 37 percent
  • President Obama: 35 percent
  • Donald Trump: 28 percent
  • Michelle Obama: 26 percent
  • Former Pres. George W. Bush: 19 percent
  • Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: 16 percent
  • Sarah Palin: 15 percent
  • Martha Stewart: 14 percent
  • Former GE CEO Jack Welch: 12 percent
  • Facebook co-founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg: 9 percent
  • Joe Torre: 9 percent
  • Simon Cowell: 8 percent
  • Former BP CEO Tony Hayward: 4 percent
  • None of the above: 8 percent
  • Other: 7 percent

Wait, Joe Torre and Mark Zuckerberg are tied? Near the bottom? Four percent said they'd like to work for Tony Hayward?

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The survey is timed to coincide with National Boss Daythis Saturday.

Excuse me, but isn't every day National Boss Day?

Perhaps that's why it's slated for Saturday, when no one will be at work and you don't have to bring flowers.

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