What's On: Apple, Microsoft, H-P and Solar

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--We're looking at two stocks ahead of earnings reports tonight, CSX and Intel.

Plus a real shocker in the never ending fight between Apple and Microsoft. For starters, over the last five years Apple is up about 500 percent. Microsoft is up less than one percent. We're looking at both stocks this morning.

Big news in the Hewlett-Packard Mark Hurd saga. Wait until you hear what the board's been saying behind closed doors.

We're looking at homebuilder stocks as some say the foreclosure moratorium will lead to bigger problems in the sector. On our watch-list, stocks like DR Horton, Pulte, Toll Brothers, Lennar and Ryland.

And it's solar day on CNBC, there's a huge convention in Los Angeles and we're there with some of the biggest executives in the business. We're talking about First Solar, Spire, JA Solar, that stocks up 135% in a year. Also, Canadian Solar, Hoku and Trina Solar.

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