Don't Hate Us For This, Erin...


CNBC's Olick: Foreclosure Gate May Be Worse Than Lehman (CNBC)

Fed still wrestling with issues ahead of its Nov 2-3 meetings (NY Times)

Anatomy of a documentation disaster (Financial Times... flow charts included)

Casting in for big screen Too Big to Fail.(Clusterstock.... Highlight: James Woods as Dick Fuld.)

Tech stocks at bargain basement prices (CNBC via Reuters)

Halted with righteous indignation, deep water drilling makes quiet return (NY Times)

Why foreclosure fraud threatens property rights (The Big Picture)

FASB revises debt restructuring rules (

Complexities of foreclosure fraud got you down? Fear not: Mike at Rortybomb has your back. His five part primer is clearly written and covers the entire sordid mess -- from origination to the inevitable cavalcade of lawsuits:

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V

Don't hate us for this, Erin: we thought it was adorable (Mediaite)