New Hazard: Your Boss Uses SMS Texting. Lol.

Several hours before last night's Hailpocalypse descended upon Brooklyn, we were having drinks with a guy who works in fixed income at JP Morgan Chase. He revealed a new and unintended consequence of more bankers using iPhones: some senior bankers are just discovering text messaging.

Iphone using
Iphone using

"My boss used BlackBerry messaging and sent emails all the time. Sometimes his emails were so short, like one word, that I believed he thought it was a version of instant messaging," the banker told us. "But this is far, far worse. He discovered texting through the iPhone and now he won't stop."

It's bad enough to have a boss who feels he can always reach you through emails, thanks to the digital handcuff known as the Blackberry. But a boss who texts is even worse.

"He's just in communication all day long now. There is no peace," the banker said. (Obviously, he asked that we not use his name or identify exactly what department he work in.)

There is one benefit to the boss using text messages. In this case, at least, he's really bad at it. In particular, he misuses the phrase "lol."

"He ends every text with 'lol.' It's like he thinks is the 'sincerely' of texting," the banker said.

Some examples:

"I am eating breakfast nearby. Let's meet at 10. lol."

"Take any bids under 14. Lol."

"Headed to Virginia. My aunt died. Lol."

You can see how this could get entertaining.

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