On the Buy Side

They survived the financial Armageddon of 2008 with their careers, finances, and houses intact. So the question is: are the good times rolling again?

Man shopping for clothes
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Man shopping for clothes

Before firms dole out holiday bonuses, we're taking a look at how a some leading strategists and money managers are budgeting. What they've bought, what they've held, and how generous they plan to be. Our roster today includes a Pimco portfolio manager, a president of a high net worth investment firm, and the chief economist of an institutional trading firm.

Tony Crescenzi, PIMCO Sr. VP, Portfolio Manager & Market Strategist

Tony Crescenzi
Tony Crescenzi

Most expensive shoes ever purchased: $250

Current shoes: $100, two years old

Transportation: 1997 BMW convertible with 87k miles purchased on eBay

iPhone: Four months old

Computer: 17-month old Dell laptop

Most expensive gift for self in last 12 months: $699 iPad

Ex-wife's haircuts: $150 & up — "especially at hair-coloring time"

Office gifts this holiday season? Cash

Clipping coupons? Definitely!

Michael Farr, CNBC Contributor, Farr, Miller & Washington President

Michael Farr
Michael Farr

Most expensive shoes ever purchased: $300

Current shoes: $150

Clipping coupons? No, unless it's Morton's Steakhouse.

Blackberry: 12 months old

Computer: New Dell Laptop

Wife's haircuts: $85

Most expensive gift so far this year: Wife's 20th anniversary gift, $5k+ jewelry

Office gifts this holiday season?: Yes, "booze or food." Clients get cakes

Dan Greenhaus, Miller Tabak + Co. Chief Economic Strategist

Most expensive shoes ever purchased: Several hundred dollars, but certainly not more than $1,000

Dan Greenhaus
Dan Greenhaus

Current shoes: $200-250. A year or two years old at most

Smartphone: 12 months old

Computer: iMac; 18 months old

Most expensive gift bought so far this year: Engagement present, $100+ Vase

Office gifts this holiday season? Doesn't know

Clipping Coupons? Not intentionally

Transportation: Mostly the subways due to "aversion to traffic"

Where does most of your discretionary spending go: Probably eating out in Manhattan; Concerts

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