The Bizarre Triangle of Warren Buffett, Ed Asner, and Carl Fredricksen

Warren Buffett, Ed Asner And Carl Fredricksen
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Warren Buffett, Ed Asner And Carl Fredricksen

In the spring on 2009, we wondered if there was a connection between Warren Buffett and Carl Fredricksen, the fictional lead character of Disney/Pixar's Up.

The veteran actor Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore, Lou Grant) provided the voice, and most of the physical inspiration, for the cartoon Carl.

But you have to admit that there's also some substantial resemblance between Carl and Buffett. (See photos below.)

Perhaps someone in Hollywood made the connection, because now Asner has been cast to play Buffett in the upcoming HBO movie version of Andrew Ross Sorkin's book on the financial crisis, Too Big to Fail.

The movie has assembled an all-star cast, including Paul Giamatti as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and James Woods as Lehman's Dick Fuld. (The New York Observer has conveniently assembled photos of the cast and the people they are portraying, for side-by-side comparisons.)


We're guessing that Buffett may be disappointed he's not portraying himself in the new movie.

After all, he has a lot of experience with the character from his on-screen appearance with Susan Lucci on ABC's All My Children, his voice workon the animated Secret Millionaire's Club, and his comedic turn as a demoted mattress salesman in Nebraska Furniture Mart's Nervous Nellie video.

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