Unexpected SecondMarket Trades: Global Logic and Bridgelux

Today when SecondMarket revealed their third quarter trading activity, there were some unexpected — unfamiliar — companies quite high on the list.

A company called Global Logic accounted for 35 percent of completed transactions, just a hair behind Facebook, which had 37 percent of trades. And in third place, Bridgelux was responsible for 11 percent of trades.

So why is Global Logic nearly as heavily traded as Facebook? Global Logic is a software outsourcing company — it sells software research and development to 150 partner companies from Zappos to Kodak to Avid. The company employees nearly 4,000 employees around the world, from Ukraine and India to China and Argentina; they do software R&D, with various specialties.

The company made one acquisition so far this year and is expected to make one more by year end, which will give the company $200 million plus in revenue in 2011. Investors want to get in ahead of an IPO, which is expected sometime next year.

And why is Bridgelux more traded than the next three companies on SecondMarket's list combined? It's a leader in green tech: a vertically integrated company that develops and manufactures LED lights.

Back in January the company raised $60 million to expand. Just last month Bridgelux opened a factory in Silicon Valley with 200 employees. This year Bridgelux will top $25 million in revenue, and it's growing fast.

These companies may not be as glamorous as Facebook, but they're making a splash in the worlds of software outsourcing and green tech, and they're worth noting. Global Logic and Bridgelux are willing to allow employees to liquidate their shares, and investors are eagerly snapping them up, anticipating public offerings from both.

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